Ukraine: Investigative reporter Vadym Komarov dies after six weeks in a coma

May 22, 2019

UPDATE: 20 June, 2019, the Ukrainian journalist Vadym Komarov that has been in a coma since the attack on 4 May, died in the hospital in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Journalist Vadim Kumarov is in a medical coma with head injuries inflicted by an attacker or attackers armed with a piece of metal. On 4. May, he was attacked in his home city of Cherkasy, east Ukraine, after researching alleged corruption in the local sport school.

Even though the police treats the attack as attempted murder, there is only slow progress in the investigation. According to the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists, so far no evidences for a connection between the attack and Kumarov’s work as a journalist have been found.

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