Court overturns ban on French photojournalist held for 48 hours and barred from covering demonstrations

April 30, 2019

Screenshot from Taranis News

The ban has been lifted on journalist Gaspard Glanz, who was prohibited by French police from covering demonstrations on 1. May and other dates. He was arrested and held for 48 hours after making a gesture at police officers who pushed him during a ‘yellow vests’ gathering on 20. April.  Glanz continued filming during the arrest and posted the footage on his website, Taranis News.

Protests against the detention and ban have come from more than 20 national media editors in France, as well as trade unions and the media freedom community. They argue that the ban prevents Glanz from doing his job, since his independent news portal Taranis News specialises in reporting demonstrations. Now a court in Paris has lifted the ban.


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