Azerbaijan: MP suggests taking measures against social media platforms

May 4, 2018

This report has not been included in the Mapping Media Freedom database. While not a direct threat to media freedom, the regulation of social media platforms could have a detrimental impact on freedom of expression.

2 May, 2018 – Azerbaijani MP Hikmat Mammadov, who is affiliated with the ruling party, told the head of the department for combating human trafficking at the Ministry of the Interior that social media platforms must be regulated, Azerbaijan State Press Agency (APA) reported.

Mammadov made the recommendation during a joint meeting between the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Legal Policy and State Building. Addressing the head of the human trafficking unit who attended the meeting, Mammadov said that social media, unlike traditional media, promotes human trafficking and physical violence against children. “I call on you to take measures against social media platforms as I am certain you already plan to tackle this”, said the MP.

As an example, Mammadov mentioned a post from last week showing a teacher committing physical violence against a student which was widely circulated on social media platforms in Azerbaijan. Mammadov said that although the post had helped spreading the story, it was promoting such type of behaviour. The MP claimed this showed measures have to be taken against social media platforms.

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