Yavuz Baydar: Turkey takes wife of journalist hostage

August 6, 2016
Bülent Korucu

Bülent Korucu, former columnist for Zaman and former editor-in-chief of Aksiyon.

By Yavuz Baydar

As I’ve been writing for months now, the job that runs the highest risk in Turkey is, without a shred of doubt, journalism.

So you can imagine my sense of bitterness when I woke yesterday to the unanswered cries of despair from a teenage boy trying to save his mother from unlawful imprisonment.

“I am the son of journalist Bülent Korucu,” Tarık Korucu tweeted on 2 August. “Since my father is not found, my mother has been taken hostage for six days now. Please, I beg you, do not stay silent on this unlawful act.”

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