The global corona virus pandemic means that journalists and media workers now face extra restrictions when trying to do their jobs. Some of these are necessary to protect their health and safety and minimise the risk of spreading infection.

Yet some of the emergency measures taken across Europe pose a risk to press freedom, and even to democracy itself. Mapping Media Freedom is collecting examples of incidents, decrees and regulations where the authorities are misusing the crisis. For example, they may try to stifle legitimate questions, restrict freedom of information, gain political advantage or silence whistleblowers and critics. In other incidents, journalists and media workers have physically been attacked while covering the pandemic, while others have experienced online harassment.

If you experience any incidences related to the pandemic, please register them here . They could be physical or verbal, in real life or online cyberbullying. New laws, decrees and emergency regulations may also become tools for censorship or repression. Existing laws may be misused in order to evade critical questions or block access to information or accuse media workers of “spreading panic”. Remember, anyone can enter alerts to this platform. These will be treated confidentially, checked and verified by our team of experts, then published and disseminated to policy-makers and to our media freedom networks.

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